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When legal matters cross your path, you'll want to do everything you can to handle your situation promptly. Alden Wheeler Detective Agency & GPS in Anderson, SC is here to assist you. We offer a wide range of investigative and compliance services throughout South Carolina, including HIP and GPS monitoring. We comply with all local, county and state policies regarding investigations.

Don't hesitate to seek help when dealing with a complicated issue. Contact a detective today about your situation.

Learn more about HIP and GPS monitoring

In some cases, a court may order GPS monitoring or allow a person to participate in HIP instead of being incarcerated or on parole. The Home Incarceration Program (HIP) is available to select nonviolent offenders and juveniles. This alternative confines a person to their home and may include GPS monitoring to ensure the court's orders are obeyed.

We provide GPS monitoring services for clients participating in HIP and other at-home programs to make this legal process easier. Call 864-437-8850 today if you need monitoring services.

Can our detectives assist you?

If you're pulled into a dispute or legal matter, having a private detective by your side can help. You can turn to us for help in:

  • Greenwood County
  • Anderson County
  • Abbeville County
  • Laurens County
  • Oconee County
  • Pickens County

We're based in Anderson, but we can serve all of South Carolina to meet the needs of our clients. Speak with one of our professionals today about your situation.